Electrolysis-Permanent Hair Removal


Do-it-yourself hair removal by shaving, bleaching or tweezing is only temporary. Harsher methods, such as chemical depilatories can burn and spoil an otherwise lovely complexion. Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal. There are temporary routes, such as shaving, depilatories, bleach, tweezing, and waxing. Keep in mind that these are temporary and require frequent, time-consuming maintenance. As in tweezing or waxing, they can further aggravate an existing problem, which may also cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and scarring.

The Procedure


The treatment of electrolysis involves placing a sterile needle into the hair follicle and transmitting a small amount of electrical current into the follicle. The current destroys the hairs regenerative cells and then the hair is removed. Once these cells have been eliminated, the hair will not come back. In this office, we use three permanent hair modalities. They are called: electrolysis, thermolysis, and the "blend".

The sensation in the treatment can vary. Certain areas of the body are more sensitive to treatment than others. The insertion is not felt, but the current may produce minor discomfort. You may feel a slight tingle or warm sensation.


In this day and age, everyone’s concern is about sterilization and safety. Our feeling is the same! The American Electrology Association, along with the Center for Disease Control, have developed national standards for sterilization for electrology instruments. We will be happy to discuss sterilization procedures when you visit.


 A series of treatments, over a period of time, is necessary to achieve successful results. The times varies with each individual in relation to the area to be treated, skin and hair texture, hormonal changes, and medicine taken. Prior use of waxing or tweezing also affects the length of total treatment time necessary. The patient will experience some regrowth over a period of time. Deep, course hairs cannot always be eliminated immediately. Breaking down the hair germ cells in a series of treatments may only partially destroy the hair matrix. After 3-8 weeks a finer hair may replace the coarser one. The treatment will be repeated until the cells have been completely destroyed. Follow-up appointments are as important as the initial one.


 You may experience slight redness or slight swelling after treatment. This usually subsides after a few minutes. You will be given ice immediately after your treatment and should keep in on for approximately 10 minutes. Cosmetics should not be worn for 24 hours around the treated area. Also, for 3 days after treatment, a patient should stay out of the sun as this may result in a sunburn. Use a sunscreen to protect the area.




Free Consultation and Patch Test


10 Minutes                   $35.00 
15 Minutes                   $40.00 

30 Minutes                   $60.00 

45 Minutes                   $70.00 

60 Minutes                   $85.00


Disposable Needles Used -Gold, Insulated and Stainless   





Skin Care Treatments

Consulting with a skin care professional who has a true understanding of our outer layer is a necessity in proper home care. Using any skin care products that are not appropriate for your skin type can strip the skin of its necessary oil and moisture. The signs of using an inappropriate product can be: Redness-Flaky Skin-Dryness-Inflammation-Greater Allergic Reaction- Delicate Skin

Signature Facial - $85
Custom facials for all skin types -  includes extractions
70 minutes
Sea of Life  Facial - $95
70 minutes     Mineral Serums, Thermal Water, Honey Massage - includes extractions
Mesotherapy Micro Needing - $200
non-ablative skin regenerative therapy

Microdermabrasion Facial - $100
diamond peel resurfacing
Glycolic Peels - $60
series of six (prepaid) - $300
Teen Facials  - $75
*A must before Homecoming and Prom
Back Treatments - $85
60 minutes
Warm towels, extractions, massage and specialty mask
* Great stress buster for everyone
Lunch Time Mini- $60

Skin glow session

Microdermal Needling

A new non-abated skin regernated therapy.  Micro-channeling within the dermis creates an increase in collagen and elastin.  Reduces acne scar tissue, skin lightening, and diminished fine lines.  Vitamin meso-cocktails.  NO DOWN TIME - $200 Special


Relaxing - Gentle - Sense of Hearing and Balance Restored

30 minutes - $40

Permanent Cosmetics

We will be happy to refer you to highly qualified artists for your Cosmetic and Medical Needs




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